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 1001 Medium General Purpose LabelBOPP4 x 3"
A superior durable label with good abrasion, water and chemical resistance.
 1003 Large General Purpose - Shipping/Asset Tracking label30323Polypropylene (BOPP)1-7/8" x 4" compatible with Dymo Label 30323
101 mm x 47mm
A good general purpose large label for shipping and asset tracking. Polyproplyene label stock with resin ribbon for greater durability and strength. durable label great for shipping label, asset tag, product id, warning label,
 1005 Medium General Purpose LabelPolyester4 x 3"
Our most durable construction with excellent durability both indoors and out.
 1006 Medium General PurposeBOPP1-7/8" x 4"
Medium sized general purpose label good for shipping or location tagging.
 1007D Small General PurposePolypropylene (BOPP)1.75" x 1.0"
A very durable small label great for asset tagging, indexing and cataloging. Compatible with most Dymo labelwriter and other desktop printers.
 1008 Small General Purpose LabelBOPP4 x 1"
A durable label with good abrasion, water and chemical resistance.
 1009 3 x 0.8"BOPP3 x 0.8"
Small general purpose label excellent for on-demand bar code applications
 1010D Small general purpose polypropylene labelpolypropylene1.625 x 2.00"
A tough small label ideal for asset id tags, specimen labels, oem product id labels. Compatible with Dymo labelwriter and other desktop label printers.
 1013 Large Invoice or shipping labelBOPP3.75 x 6.00"
A large tough label ideal for invoicing, work orders, shipping or inventory applications. Enough printable area to replace most standard sized paper forms.
 2001 Large General PurposePolyester3-7/8 x 6"
Large durable label good for indoor and out
 2002D Small Polyester label for Dymo labelwriterPolyester1.25 x 1.0"
Super Durable small polyester label for your most demanding applications. Indoor or Out.
 2003 Super Durable Polyester Label30323Polyester1-7/8 x 4"
A superior label with excellent resistance to most hazzards and thermal stability. Great choice for outdoor applications.
 3001 Tamper Evident Security LabelSynthectic Paper1-7/8 x 3"
 4001 Inside mount windowed labelBOPP3 x 1"
A special label designed for mounting behind glass to display a bar coded or other critical information.
 5001 Small PP labelPolypropylene1-3/16 x 1-1/8"
A durable small rectangular label with good durability.
 5002 Small general purposePaper1-1/4" x 1"
31mm x 25mm
Economical long-lasting small general purpose label good for identification and catalog applications.
 5002D Small paper label for the Dymo LabelwriterPaper1.25 x 1.0"
A good general purpose small label where longevity is critical.
 5003 Smal Rect.Paper1-5/8" x 1-3/8"
41mm x 35mm
Economical long-lasting rectangular label good for binder id tags.
 5005 Medium General PurposePaper1-5/8" x 2.0"
Economical long-lasting medium general purpose label good for identification and catalog applications