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Turn your Current Desktop or Mobile Label Printer into a
Durable Printing Force
Compatible with O'neil, Sato, Printek, Zebra and more
Durable Thermal Transfer printing on existing direct thermal equipment
Wide selection of paper and synthetic facestock available
Moderate to Extreme protection available
Durable and tough labels and tags from direct thermal printers
We have a label that will meet your required lifespan
Tough to extremely Sun and UV resistant labels available
Choose from moderate to extreme water protection
Customize to resist, alcohol, blood, solvents and cleaners
Blank labels to be printed when you want on the spot
Materials to handle high heat and or cold environments
Print what you want with the latest information and changes
Select basic weather resistence or tough multi-year weather protection
Here's the Solution You've Been Searching For
Enjoy the benefits of SCTTL:
Create durable thermal transfer labels on your current printer without
modification or increased costs.  Enjoy the convenience of direct
thermal printing with the durability of thermal transfer output.  Extend
existing applications or create new ones that leverage the advantages
of durable mobile printing on the floor, in the field or away from the desk.
  • Resists UV, Abrasion and Chemical exposure     
  • Many label types available to meet your specific needs
  • Long-life image perfect for archival records management
    and asset tracking
  • Works with Bluetooth portable printers
  • No extra ribbon to buy or thread and align in the printer
  • Less printhead wear extends the life of your equipment
Our Technology
Fast and Simple Thermal Transfer Label Printing:
We have a patented label design that incorporates quality label stock
and thermal transfer ribbon on a single roll. This
Self Contained
Thermal Transfer Label (SCTTL) works with most popular direct
thermal printers including: O'neil, Printek, Sato, Intermec, Dymo, Seiko,
Zebra and more.  

Flexible Label Construction is the key to success
Select the right materials for the job:
Unlike direct thermal labels which are typically paper, SCTTL can be
constructed from a near endless combination of facestocks, ribbons
and adhesives.  This mix and match capability lets you create the right
label to meet your specific requirements.  Whether it's long-life, high
temperature, chemicals or extended outdoor exposure we have a label
or tag to meet the challenge.
  • Economical paper to tamper-resistant synthetic paper
  • Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene to high-end  
    materials like PVF or Polyimide facestocks
  • Cost Effective Wax and Wax/Resin to extremely durable
    Resin Ribbons
  • Choose black or a variety of colorful ribbons to print with